Bowflex vs. Total Gym Direct vs. Yowza Fitness: Which Exercise Equipment Is Best?
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Bowflex vs. Total Gym Direct vs. Yowza Fitness: Which Exercise Equipment Is Best?

Bowflex has low cost and unique items like its combo stair climber and treadmill machine called the Treadclimber. Total Gym has free shipping and complete exercise packages for those who only want to deal with one machine ever. Yowza has high quality elliptical trainers with some of the highest reviews online of any company.
Covered in this report
Bowflex — Best Features
TreadClimber machine lets you burn 600 calories in 30 minutes.
Select products can be returned for a refund to 6 weeks after purchase.
Best for: Those who like treadmills and stair climbers especially.
Best deal: Bowflex UpperCut - try it for only $14.95 - [activate coupon]
Total Gym Direct — Best Features
Free shipping on Total Gym packages.
A- BBB rating indicates the company is safe to purchase from.
Best for: Customers looking for one single unit they can get all their exercise needs from.
Yowza Fitness — Best Features
5 Star Review from Top Consumer Reviews in 2013.
iPod docking port for elliptical trainers like the Bonita.
Best for: Those looking for elliptical trainers especially with modern features.
Best deal: Weekly Promotions Page - [activate coupon]

Exercise machinery helps for people who aren’t fond of the gym membership atmosphere. It’s also important to note that it’s been proven in some studies that having an exercise machine nearby creates convenience, and the more convenient your routine is, the more likely you are to follow it. Here are a few exercise equipment companies and how they stack up against each other.


Bowflex is one of the most recognizable names in exercise machines. You can call them at 800-618-8853.


  • Bowflex Boost-This is an activity tracker that makes it easier for you to keep track of your activity through your smartphone. This includes any work you do on your exercise machines. The smart watch costs $50.
  • Bowflex Insider-This part of the site gives you access to healthy living information like recipes, nutrition, workouts for cardio and strength training, and other videos and articles about fitness.
  • TreadClimber-This machine is like a combination of a tread mill and a stair climber. It has two separate tracks with moving treads on them that move up, increasing the effectiveness of your work out. The site claims that you can burn 612 calories in 30 minutes with the TreadClimber, making it 3 times more effective than a stair climber or a treadmill.
  • Bonus Savings Cards-By signing up with the site you can qualify to save $200 on items like the TreadClimber.
  • TrustE Safe Harbour-This service protects your information
  • 6 Weeks Buyback Guarantee-If you don’t like your treadclimber purchase, you can return it up to 6 weeks after delivery.
  • Financing Packages-Products such as the TreadClimber and others are available with financing and no money down. You can qualify usually within a few minutes. If you don’t pay the full amount within 18 months you’ll be charged interest.

Total Gym Direct

Total Gym offers a product that lets you do every type of strength, cardio and flexibility exercise you can think of, all with one unit. You can call them at 1-877-866-2549.


  • Free Shipping-If you purchase a complete Total Gym package you get it shipped for free.
  • Live Chat-You can instantly access a Total Gym expert through live chat.
  • $1 Trial Deals-You can sometimes get a Total Gym trial for $1 for the first 30 days.  If you don’t return it by then you’ll be charged around $100 a month for 9 months.
  • A- BBB Rating-Any store tat’s accredited through the Better Business Bureau at all indicates that it’s safe to use. The A- rating is a relatively good one in general, and this indicates that the BBB is generally satisfied with how the company handles complaints.
  • Bill Me Later-This service lets you pay off anything over the course of 6 months without interest.
  • Norton Secured- Total Gym is protected by Symantec and Norton for keeping your information safe.
  • Fraud Spotter-Total Gym also employs the Fraud Spotter service to watch out for suspicious credit card use on your account.
  • Total Gym FIT-One of the new signature items here is the FIT set. It comes with DVD workout sessions, and the ability to help you with cardio, abs, strength training and flexibility.


Yowza is focused more on ellipticals and treadmills and bikes than any other type of machine.You can call them at 877-969-9240 from 7 AM to 10 PM EST.


  • “Live Chat”- The Live Chat option doesn’t appear to always be active since it tells you to just post a message.
  • 5 Star Top Consumer Reviews Rating-This was for the year 2013 for one of the more respected review sites online.
  • Bonita Elliptical Trainer-Bonita elliptical trainer has an iPod docking and charging port.
  • Lifetime Warranties-Warranties for different items vary, usually part to part. But one unique feature for Yowza is the fact that they actually guarantee the frame and motor for a lifetime. For products like the Bonita. You get 2 year warranty on electronics, 2 years on other parts and 1 year for in home labor.
  • GE Capital Financing-You can finance items such as the Bonita for 0% at around $85 for 12 months.
  • Surefit Pivoting Pedals-These go on various elliptical and they make it more likely your feet will fit right inside of the pedals.
  • 30 Days Lowest Price Guarantee-If you purchase a product and find a lower price on the same model anywhere else, they will give you the lower price for up to 30 days after purchase. This doesn’t include sales, free items or a few other things.

Head to Head


Bowflex boost costs $50. The Tread Climber costs $529 or so during sales.

The Total Gym products are considerably more expensive, partly because there is more to them. The Total Gym GTS costs $3495 if you purchase it all in cash.  You can also get 4 monthly payments of $873. The Total Gym Fit is $1500 or so, plus there’s the free trial offer occasionally as well.

The cheapest machine for Yowza is the Bonita Elliptical Trainer and it’s $900.

Bowflex is the best in terms of low cost machines since it has way more options in the low range.


Bowflex has plenty of assurances for security and quality control through the return guarantees and the site security. Those who like combination exercise machines will like Bowflex.

Total Gym doesn’t have any products that don’t cost thousands of dollars, so it’s really only for people who want to make the one time purchase to solve everything they need in terms of exercising. There’s a live chat option for if you want to talk to someone about the current products and deals through a chat room.

Yowza has high ratings across multiple review sites for machines including especially ellipticals. It has extended warranties on many of its parts, including especially the lifetime warranty it has on some of the frames and motors. The company’s machines have modern features as well like iPod docks, heart rate monitoring, and sound reducing tech.

Overall, Total Gym has the most live chat support, but it looks like Yowza has more phone support hours. Also, Total Gym live chat is focused mostly on getting you to buy things and less on anything else it seems. 

Additional Information
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Yowza Fitness
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